Automoblox Wooden Cars

Wooden Automoblox carsAutomoblox wooden cars are a modern twist on a classic toy. The Automoblox Co created a range of six models of wooden cars, the styling of which would not be out of place in the design studios of any major motor manufacturer.

Automoblox wooden cars retain all of the warmth and character of traditional wooden cars, the European Birch wood is light and modern with a lovely warm grain. Automoblox lines are sleek and organic and reflect the styling of modern cars but brightly coloured plastic highlights and trim mean they are fresh and exciting enough to appeal to modern children.

Automoblox A9 Wooden carThe Automoblox original range included a the Automoblox T9 Pickup Truck, the Automoblox S9 Saloon (or Sedan) Car and the Automoblox C9 Sports Coupe. Once the original range was established a further three models were added to the Automoblox range. These new wooden cars had even more of a modern feel to them. These Automoblox models were the Automoblox A9 Super Mini, the Automoblox X9 SUV or 4x4 and the Automoblox M9 People Carrier.


The next Automoblox special was originally a limited edition Automoblox C9P Pink Coupe - basically a copy of the red Automoblox C9 sports car but in pink. It is fairly certain this was an attempt to increase the appeal of the car to girls.

A harder edge was added to the range with the Automoblox R lines - basically a high performance styling version of some of the other cars in the series. The Automoblox C9R is a lean mean racer based on the Automoblox C9 but with tinted windscreen, low profile tyres and body styling kit. The Automoblox S9R applies the same mean upgrades to the Automoblox S9 saloon. The Automoblox X9X is the 4x4 Automoblox X9 upgraded  with body kit and spare wheel. The Automoblox C9S Berlinetta is based on the Automoblox C9 again but is more of a style upgrade than an out-and-out racer with pearlescent paint and tail fin. The Automoblox A9S convertible is a version of the Automoblox A9 with a minimal front deflector screen rather than a full roof, body kit and gorgeous paint job.

Automoblox M9 wooden car with blue highlightsThe entire Automoblox range has been developed with the aim of creating educational play possibilities for children. The simplicity of the toys encourage imaginative play. Automoblox can be taken apart and rebuilt, teaching manual dexterity, goal oriented activity and creativity. The body sections can be separated and patented connectors incorporate colour coded and specially shaped pegs and holes to encourage colour and shape matching. The passengers all have individually shaped blocks instead of feet and again must be matched to the correct hole.



Automoblox cars combinedThe connector system can be mixed and matched between all Automoblox models of the same size (either Mini or Full size) allowing children to take creativity to the next level by creating completely new models by mixing body sections from different Automoblox models. Fancy an 8 seat sport van with pickup trailer - no problem!


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